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20 Jun

On several occasions during the past few months, I have sat down at my computer to start writing a new post. My most recent attempt was foiled by my laptop’s dying battery, leading me to lose my amazing post and a few pages of my honors thesis, which is currently the general bane of my existence and taking away my desire to write anything that isn’t required.

As of two weeks ago, I’ve wrapped up another wonderful semester at Bogazici, and I am now forever finished with undergraduate coursework. There’s just this thesis standing between me and complete freedom, and for the last few months I’ve been slaving away at various cafés in my neighborhood in Istanbul, in several of which the waiters have my order memorized. Under other circumstances, I would have been proud to reach the level of being able to say “the usual” in a restaurant, but in this case it’s a little depressing. This thesis has effectively taken over my life.

I see the light at the end of the tunnel though. Having broken ninety pages today, my thesis is nearing its end. If I am able to stay strong, I will submit my completed first draft tomorrow, right before I hop on a plane to Sweden for summer school, and all that I will have left is a little editing. In the very near future, this will all be just a painful memory, and I will finally be able to read for FUN, put time and effort into studying Turkish, and blog my little heart out. Until then, I’ll hang out in this café with my tea and 91-page word document.