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my family

24 Dec

I waited until two days before Christmas to start my Christmas shopping. Not one of the best ideas I’ve ever had, but I was waiting for my paycheck, taking finals and handling other miscellaneous end-of-the-semester problems, so there hadn’t been much time to hit the stores. Yesterday I finally climbed in my car and braved the traffic to World Market, where I planned on buying my sister a scarf I had seen last time I was in town (which I had deluded myself into thinking would still be there) and a set of Turkish coffee cups for my parents to go with the still-unused coffee I brought them last Christmas. Neither of those things were there– the store had basically been picked clean, and after wandering around for about fifteen minutes looking for something meaningful amidst the aisles of decorative statues, throw pillows, and coffee mugs, I realized that I wasn’t going to find “the perfect gift” for anyone in my family. So I decided to go with a modern-day take on the handmade gift and write a post about my family.

First is my dad. Despite the fact that he intimidates every guy I have ever brought to the house, my dad is a major goofball (sorry to blow your cover). He sings all the time, talks in funny voices, and is almost always making jokes, most of them groan-worthy. He taught my sister and I how to shoot guns, starting back from when we were really small and we stood on the porch and shot BBs at coke cans on the playground in our yard. Because of him, I am able to quote The Beverly Hillbillies, The Andy Griffith Show, and even a little bit of The Waltons (not my favorite). I always feel safe when my dad is around, and we have gotten a lot closer since I left for college. I call him pretty often from school, and we even hang out sometimes, like the other night when we got dinner and went to see the new Hobbit movie. He even has plans to come to India next year, and I am so excited to be able to show him around and introduce him to my friends over there.

Next is my mom. We have very different personalities, which sometimes creates misunderstandings, but I do know that she loves me and I hope she knows that I do love her too. She is one of the most self-sacrificing people I know, with one of the hardest work ethics. She is that person who will help do all the dishes after a meal when she is a guest at someone’s house. She puts a lot of work into cooking and cleaning at our house, which often goes unappreciated. Since I started living on my own, I have started to realize what a superwoman she is… I can barely even manage taking care of myself, but she cooks and cleans for four people in addition to her job as a flight attendant. Her job is another thing I am grateful for, because without it I would have been much less likely to travel to many of the places that have changed my life over the past few years. My mom has recently started flying internationally as well, and it is so cool to see the pictures she puts up from places like Paris, London, Tokyo, Lima, Madrid, and more.

Although there were many times throughout high school, and even sometimes now, that I don’t know how I ended up in this family, and sometimes I was jealous of my other friends who were more spoiled than my sister and me or had more freedom as teenagers, I am glad that this is the family I wound up in. Otherwise I could very well have been a self-entitled little brat with purple hair (I had a phase where I somehow thought that would look really cool). My parents, although they give me a lot of support (both emotionally and financially), have taught my sister and me the value of hard work and neither of us expect to just be able to do anything we want without putting in the effort. We have also gotten support to follow our dreams, and my life could have been very different if they had pushed me in a certain direction instead of letting me go through the trial-and-error process of figuring out what I want to do with my life. I haven’t quite figured it out yet, but it’s been an amazing ride and I am really excited about the future. I know I owe all of this to my parents and I am so grateful to them for the opportunities they have allowed me to take advantage of.

Last comes my sister. I actually have a present for her, but it is kind of a big deal, not to mention highly classified, and will not be revealed until we do our present exchange after the candlelight service at church tonight. Anna and I fight more than any other siblings I know. Like epic battles over the remote and the most comfortable chair in the living room. She could tell you the story about how I gave her a black eye when we were kids and put socks on our hands so we could box. I would counter with the time she threw a tape measure at my head (for literally no reason). Most of our fights start out with us snuggling or doing something sisterly, but we quickly bounce to the other end of the spectrum and become mortal enemies. Bottom line though, we love each other, and anyone who messes with my sister better watch themselves… Because she might throw a tape measure at their heads.

Merry Christmas to my crazy family… Even though I may run away to the other side of the world sometimes, I love y’all and I’m glad I get to be here with you this Christmas.