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good people

13 Jul

“Duniya me, kharab logue hain.” My limited Hindi caused this statement to come out much more profoundly than I had intended, translating as “in the world, there are bad people.” The non-English-speaking travel agent in Dehradun, who had initiated our conversation prior to my departure in the mostly-male overnight bus to Delhi, nodded to acknowledge my point. But then he smiled, looked me right in the eyes, and very earnestly said something that I will remember forever– “Lekin bahut bhi acche logue hain!” Then he started singing an Enrique Iglesias song.

I still smile when I think about what he said… “But there are also many good people!” Yes, Javed the travel agent, you are right.

I have had very limited internet access for the past few weeks, and I don’t see that changing much before my return to the states in August. I am writing down all my stories and will post them when I come home. Until then, don’t give up on me. I’m having a wonderful time out here making memories with some of the good people of the world.