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güle güle

12 Feb

I have been putting off writing this post for a month now… I guess I’m still in denial about leaving Istanbul, and I feel as though posting this will solidify the fact that I am no longer a temporary resident of one of the world’s most amazing cities.


My last day at Boğaziçi… Complete with a symbolic rainbow in the sky

There are two ways to say goodbye in Turkish, depending on whether you are the one staying or going. “Güle güle” is what you say to someone who is leaving. Literally, it means “smiling, smiling.” Last month, I was forced to leave behind my home for the past four months and come straight back to school in Texas. My taxi ride to the airport provided a perfect contrast with the one from my first day in Turkey. I sat in the backseat and had a whole conversation in Turkish with the taxi driver, who encouraged me to come back to Turkey someday. As if I needed any convincing.

These past few months have been nothing less than incredible, and I have been so lucky to have met some of the greatest people in the world, from all my Turkish classmates to the other exchange students I have met from all over the world to the closeknit group of friends I began to have there at the end to everyone I encountered in Tbilisi and Cappadocia to all the people I have met in the strangest of circumstances, and I really can’t wait to go back over there.


Looking out over the Bosphorus from a fortress near my university

Now I am back in Waco, working in the international office and in a constant state of scrambling to keep up with everything– not having a winter break turned out to be a little more challenging than I had anticipated. My job has been one of the best things about being back in the states, because I have been able to meet many of the exchange students studying at Baylor, including a Turkish guy who has become a pretty good friend of mine and even came back to Louisiana with me for Mardi Gras weekend.

Ever since I have come back, people have been asking me where I’m going next. I’m working on it. My days of studying abroad are over because I have to stay at Baylor to write a thesis next year, but for the summer (my last one as an undergrad), my rough draft plan includes a language school in the Himalayas, some time with friends in New Delhi, and depending on my money situation, hopefully Istanbul at the end. Operation Obtain Travel Funds begins now.


The most beautiful sunset I have ever seen. Goodbye Istanbul, I’ll see you again soon.