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these days

14 Jul

These days, my life is not very fun. I am employee number 3287 at a factory where I work 40 hours a week folding cardboard boxes and loading them with bottles containing various types of oil (the kind for engines and gears and things). It’s hard to believe that four weeks ago I was in South Africa, and that life can change so drastically in such a short period of time.


I’m on a different assembly line, but this is my workplace.

It took all of three days being at home for me to be ready to be on the move again. While it was nice to see my family and friends after six months of being overseas, I just feel very restless and confined here and I’m counting down the days until I get to begin my next trip (today I’m 51 days away).

Also these days, I have been attending free yoga classes at the local Hindu cultural center. This is my first time to really do yoga, and it is very different from what I had imagined. I thought I would be stretching a lot and meditating. While I do stretch, most of my thinking involves how difficult yoga actually is and that I will more than likely collapse if we don’t hurry and change positions soon. My least favorite position so far is called “utkatasana”. You basically have to pretend to sit in a chair and put your arms up and out in front of you. It’s deceivingly evil… At first it’s not too bad, but after a while you start to feel the burn. We do it like a hundred times in every class.


Utkatasana: the evil chair

Next weekend I’ll be leaving town for the only time between now and Turkey, and I’m very much looking forward to it. I’m going to Texas to see some of my best friends from Baylor, and take a road trip from Dallas to Austin and back. While I do love traveling internationally, there are a lot of things I also like in America. Texas is one of those things, and I feel pretty lucky to be able to go to school there. I’m excited to get back to the Lone Star State for a few days, and you’ll probably hear from me again in September when I’m in Turkey (I just don’t see anything too exciting happening in the factory that I would write about).

Have a great rest of your summer everyone, and I’ll see you in September!