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take 2

31 Dec

So here I sit, in the non-rev travel lounge of the Chicago O’Hare International Airport. Outside it’s 31 degrees Fahrenheit, one last reminder for me that in some places it actually gets cold in the winter. I am currently en route to New Delhi, India, for the second time this year. This visit will be a little shorter than the last one, as I will only be staying there for one month before I fly to South Africa in February to study abroad for ten months, arriving back in America shortly before the end of the world. This trip will definitely be more documented than the last (I was in India until July but my last blog was in May). My parents have now agreed not to flip out about the things they read on here as long as I make “smart decisions.” Who knew that it was a big deal to announce on your blog that you’re planning on living alone in a school in Delhi for two months without letting your parents know about it beforehand?
Anyway, I’ve learned some valuable blogging lessons and now I’m ready to blog my little heart out in 2012. I had some golden material this summer– motorcycle rides in crazy Indian traffic, close encounters with water buffalo, multiple visits to the doctor, the list goes on. Hopefully the village doctor is out of my life now (even though he is a very nice man), but odds are that some funny/crazy/ scary things are going to happen to me in the next few months, and I promise to tell the stories as best I can.
My summer trip to India was cut short by about a month when, in a moment of weakness, I informed my mom that I was sick. I was on a plane home the next day. I wasn’t ready to come back yet, but I had no choice because all the flights to Chicago for the rest of the summer were red (a standby passenger’s least favorite color). I had one day to say goodbye to the Indian family I was living with and all the friends that I had made there. By leaving when I did, I missed out on not one, but two Indian weddings. That’s okay though, because someday I’ll have my own.
I think that’s basically everything. I don’t really have anything else to say yet, other than that I’m so scared and so excited for this upcoming year. My New Year’s resolution is that 2012 will be the best year of my life so far.

So here’s the video for a song I’ve been listening to quite a bit lately. I feel like it’s pretty appropriate as I begin this year of traveling. Plus The Avett Brothers have become one of my favorite bands and everyone should know about them.

Enjoy, and I’ll post again soon!